We welcome referrals from partners, agencies and professionals.

If you are a professional and are concerned that a resident of Guildford or Waverley Borough is affected by domestic abuse you can make a referral or contact our team for advice.

For urgent queries, call 01483 898884 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm). Otherwise email

Specialist services

Alongside qualified adult and children’s outreach, we deliver a number of specialist services working alongside other professionals including police, local authorities, court, health and social care staff:

Hospital based Independent Domestic Abuse Adviser (HIDVA)

Our HIDVA supports survivors who make a disclosure whilst in the care hospital. The role includes collaborating with Domestic Abuse support provisions including outreach and refuge in the community to ensure continuity of support. The HIDVA also delivers ongoing training to acute hospital staff.

Court Advocate

A qualified Independent Domestic Abuse Adviser (IDVA) within our team supports survivors through the Specialist Domestic Abuse Court for the whole of Surrey, not just Guildford and Waverley Boroughs.

This includes explaining the proceedings and keeping clients updated on court decisions, bail and administrative hearing as well as sentencing proceedings. The IDVA will attend court and can advocate on behalf of survivors.


We have IDVA team members dedicated to multi-agency risk assessment conferences (MARAC), the highest risk domestic abuse cases that works to safeguard adult survivors. Professionals including police, probation, child protection, housing, IDVAs and other statutory and voluntary organisations meet to discuss options and share information with the aim of increasing the safety of survivors and develop a coordinated action plan.

Multiple Disadvantages Outreach

Our multiple disadvantage outreach team member works with survivors who have substance misuse and or mental health support needs. They provide specialist person centred one to one support to women with complex needs that utilises survivors’ individual strengths and ensures the survivor is given security and support to maximise their independence, dignity and choice.

LGBTQ+ Advocate and Outreach

Our LGBTQ+ specialist works across Surrey to support members of the LGBTQ+ population affected by domestic abuse and the unique challenges they face. We work closely with LGBTQ+ organisations and supporters to reach out and engage with survivors to highlight the issue of domestic abuse and know that help is out there.

Police Advocate

A specialist team member provides on-site domestic abuse outreach support, working in key police locations in partnership with Surrey Police. This enables our service and the police to work together to achieve the best outcome for survivors of domestic abuse.


We provide bespoke professional training for corporates, statutory bodies, partners, education settings and other voluntary organisations. To discuss your domestic abuse training needs, email

Disability Advocate and Outreach

Our Disability specialist works across Surrey to support people living with disabilities who are affected by domestic abuse and the unique challenges they face. We provide a professional and empathetic support service on a one to one basis for survivors with disabilities including advice, advocacy, safeguarding and risk assessment.

Housing including Sanctuary Scheme

Our housing team works with survivors to help them find the right housing option for them, working with other agencies to get the support needed to have somewhere safe to stay.

The Sanctuary Scheme is available to anyone who no longer lives with their partner. It enables survivors to have security measures such as replacement doors and additional window locks installed to make them and their children feel safer in their home. A security assessment of the home will be carried out by a Police Crime Reduction Officer and a Fire and Risk Assessment Officer. The works will be carried out by our approved contractors.

We work in partnership with Surrey Police, Surrey Fire & Rescue, Waverley Borough Council, Guildford Borough Council and Housing Associations.