If you would like to make a donation, please email us at swr@swsda.org.uk or call 01483 898884

Much of our work with survivors and partners is on-site where our team is based. Your donation will help us to provide our services, including:

  • Running an independent, confidential advice line.
  • Undertaking professional assessments of survivor needs.
  • One-to-one face-to-face work with survivors to provide information and support, short and long term.
  • DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment) Risk assessment and safety planning.
  • Participation in Multi Agency Risk Assessments.
  • Providing advocacy for service users when approaching other agencies for help and support.
  • Sign posting clients to other services when their needs cannot be fully met by Outreach.
  • Support and refer those needing Refuge accommodation.
  • One-to-one support of children affected by Domestic Abuse from specialist Children’s workers.
  • Delivering structured recovery programmes for children affected by Domestic Abuse.
  • Work in schools.
  • Delivering the Freedom Program to survivors.
  • Holding a monthly survivor’s group, providing access to legal advice and Outreach workers.
  • Independent Domestic Violence Adviser service to survivors and to the specialist DA court.
  • Contributing to SCC multi agency DA training programs.
  • Attending “Clare’s Law” disclosure meetings with survivors.
  • Offering free qualified counselling to survivors.